Service Committees

~Central Office Meetings~

The Central Office Steering and COR meetings originally scheduled for April 14 have been cancelled. We will be emailing all reports to the CORs and Steering Committee members the week of the 14th.

From : JoAnne N – DCM District 64 and Co-Chair of CD6

The DCMs have decided to cancel “Attendance” at the upcoming April 11th CD6 Meeting at Meadowbrook due to the Covid Crisis. As we know, many things are being temporarily put on pause until this thing blows over, including our Area Assembly, District Meetings and many Groups.

Several are doing Virtual Meetings, including our Area Assembly. If this continues, I’m sure we will do the same for our June CD6 Meeting. More will be revealed. However, in keeping with Tradition 9 which tells us that we can create boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve, we, as Trusted Servants, funded by the Member Groups of CD6, need to continue to report on our activities so that we are all informed.
With that in mind, we need all Standing Committee Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, and DCMs to submit the reports that they would have given on April 11th to our Secretary Terry Lynn G. for distribution to all Trusted Servants at CD6. To the GSRs, would you include in your reports, updates from your Home Group on how you are handling this crisis, including if and how you are doing your meetings (Canceled, Online, Zoom, etc.). We would love to hear from all of you GSRs because you are an integral part of CD6. In 35 years of CD6 existence, we have never faced anything like this and it’s an opportunity for all of us to step up and be creative with our Services in our CD6 area. After all, it’s all about helping facilitate “Carrying the AA Message” to the Alcoholic who still suffers. GSR’s, please try to submit to CD6 Secretary, by April 1st, if you can, so that people will know how to access your meetings, if you are doing them by electronic means.Thanks Everyone! Respectfully, JoAnne N.

~ District Meeting s ~
District 64 Committee will be Meeting April the 11th at 9am. We will have a virtual meeting using the Go To Meeting format. Contact Mark L for meeting invite link at 817-980-2840 or email

Please watch for updates for all other Districts and Committees. We will post on Our website as we receive the information. Thank you!