Central Office Now Accepts Contributions via Zelle and PayPal

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Or use Credit Card by Phone Call:

817-332-3533 or (800) 396-1602

Supporting Member Flyer

Central Office Supporting Membership

AA’s know the many vital contributions made by the Central Office and are often willing to contribute directly to its support. The Fort Worth Central Office is designed to be fully self-supporting through the contributions of the A.A. members and groups it serves; and through its own activities, such as literature sales. It does not accept contributions from any non-A.A. member or organization. Contributions from groups and members as well as literature sales vary significantly each month. The combined income does not provide a predictable operating budget.

The Office is now inviting AA’s to contribute affordable amounts directly and regularly as Supporting Members. You are a Supporting Member if you are an A.A. member and you say you are a supporting member. The amount that is affordable to you is your decision; a dollar a day, a dollar a week, ten dollars a month or any other amount. The goal is to establish a predictable added base of income to support office work. Supporting Member contributions will not affect existing Home Group contributions.

Simply call the Central Office at 817-332-3533 during regular working hours, and offer your name, contact information, and the amount you choose to contribute monthly. If you wish to remain anonymous just let us know! The only requirement is that you be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. The method of payment may be check by mail, “Bill-Pay” service, cash, check or CC at the office (do not mail cash), Zelle or pay from our website. At the end of the year, or when requested, a statement of contributions can be sent.

Supporting Member contributions are tax deductible.

Contact the Central Office for more information about becoming a Supporting Member. Many banks offer free bill pay services through their websites. Your bank will provide the information needed to get started. our Seventh Tradition states that: ”Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

For any questions please call me anytime!
Erin J 817-332-3533
We thank you ALL for everything you do to ensure we are available for the still suffering alcoholic.