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This site is managed by the Website Subcommittee of the Central Office Steering Committee, and the site is owned by the Fort Worth A.A. Central Office for the benefit of still-suffering alcoholics, A.A. groups, and A.A. memebers in the area served by the Fort Worth A.A. Central Office. Its primary purpose is to direct anyone in need to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The following guidelines indicate the types of content acceptable for publication on These guidelines have been approved by the Central Office Steering Committee and the Website Subcommittee that manages the site. Any disputes surrounding content on this site are resolved by the Website Subcommittee, the Central Office Steering Committee, or the Central Office Representatives, as appropriate.

  1. All information presented must comply in spirit with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. The site is required to offer meeting schedules of groups served by the Fort Worth Central Office.
  3. On the events page, the only content permitted are notices of group anniversaries, and meetings of A.A.’s various service arms.
  4. A link to the website of the General Service Office in New York is required.
  5. A link to the website of the A.A. Grapevine is required.
  6. Links to individual members’ A.A. web sites are not permitted.
  7. Direct links to Google Maps sites (map information already input) are permitted.
  8. All links to domains outside the domain must open a new window, not use the existing window. Exception: Links to PayPal are placed in the existing window, due to technical limitations of the interface with PayPal.
  9. All information presented must comply with applicable copyright law.
  10. In general, the site should be designed and coded with an eye toward complete functionality on the widest possible array of computers. Thus, no Flash or Java animations, or extensions specific to one type of web browsing software, are permitted. The only exception is an anti-spam measure for email addresses presented on web pages.
  11. No personally identifiable information about any A.A. member, living or dead, including full names, addresses, or photographs, are permitted on the web site (including photos of Bill W. and Dr. Bob). This includes the names of the special workers employed by the Fort Worth Central Office.
  12. With the exception of the guidelines above, no links to any external web sites are permitted. This includes links to other Twelve Step programs, including Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and others.