*Grapevine Unity online

As of Monday, February 1st, GVU will be located at
2640 William D, Tate Ave., Grapevine, TX 76051

GVU meets both in person and on ZOOM per the schedule below.
The only exceptions are the 9am Saturday Women’s meeting (only on Zoom)
and the 9am Sunday Men’s meeting (only in-person).
Meetings on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday are open meetings
for anyone interested in learning more about AA.
Meetings on Tuesdays & Fridays are closed meetings
only for those who have a desire to stop drinking.

The Zoom ID is 835 746 7531, the Password is 498699.

(updated 02/03/2021)

Face coverings are required to enter the Grapevine Unity meeting room.

Note that all 9pm meetings now begin at 9:30pm and
the Monday 6pm meeting begins at 5:30pm.

SUN* (O) 9am M; Noon D; 6pm D; 9:30pm BB

MON (O) Noon D; 5:30pm SS; 9:30pm BB

TUES (C) Noon D; 6pm 12/12; 9:30pm BB

WED (O) Noon D; 6pm Newcomer; 9:30pm D

THURS (C) Noon 12/12; 6pm BB; 9:30pm D

FRI (C) Noon D; 6pm D; 9:30pm D

SAT** (O) 9am W; Noon D; 6pm S; 9:30pm D

BB = Big Book
BN = Birthday
C = Closed meeting
D = Discussion
M = Men’s (in-person only)
O = Open meeting
N = Newcomer
S = Speaker
SS = Step Speaker
W = Women’s (Zoom only)
* The THIRD SUNDAY is our monthly business meeting via Zoom only – 5pm – Steering Committee, 6pm – Group Conscience.
** The LAST SATURDAY is Birthday Night, in-person only – 7pm Potluck & Fellowship; 8pm birthday recognitions.

“We are self-supporting through our own contributions.”
> In-person meetings
> GVU Venmo account (@gvutreasurer)
> GVU Cashapp account ($gvutreasurer)
> Check payable to GVU mailed to GVU, 2640 William D. Tate Ave., Grapevine, TX 76051

Our Location: 2640 William D. Tate Ave., Grapevine, TX 76051
Our Phone: (817) 488-9692