CoffeeBreak Newsletters

Hello All,

Erin and I are in the process of trying to gather as much information as possible for our CoffeeBreak Newsletter. If you are still planning on having your District or Committee Meetings, please let us know. If you plan on hosting a Zoom Website Meeting, please let us know and include as much information as possible!

We know information is changing rapidly and we are doing our very best to stay as current as possible on Events, Workshops, Meetings, Conventions and Conferences. Our phones at Central Office have been ringing off the wall with questions regarding AA, so if we you need us, we are here! My cell number is 817-637-2891. Please feel free to call me anytime, any day, I want to hear from you.

Please make the effort to keep us updated!! Members need information, and remember, we are all in this together!

Love & Service,


Office Assistant
Fort Worth Central Office
1501 Hemphill St Rm#100
Fort Worth, TX 76104