Central Office Update Info

JUNE 2020 COFFEE BREAK:  Is the Central Office still open?
In a way, yes. We are very limited on our “in office” hours but continue to work remotely from home and answering the phones 24/7. Groups can schedule a day and time to come purchase literature with Erin. Just call the office 817-332-3533 or cell (Erin) 817-420-3866

March 2020,
Hello everyone!
After much consideration we have decided it is in our best interest to close the Central Office for now. For our safety and yours, We will be working remotely from home and still answering phones as if we are there. I will also be posting times I will schedule to be at he office for groups to come get literature or to fill orders to be shipped. We will still be conducting business and please continue to order literature for your group and yourself! We still need to support each other, our groups and our Central Office especially now. We all want our groups and our Central Office to still be available when this all passes. So, lets not forget we all need your and our continued support more than ever right now! Please feel free to call anytime for anything at all. I am taking phone orders for literature and anything else you may need. I will post the hours and days I plan to be at the office as soon as I make that decision.
Thank you for your understanding and hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
Erin J
Office Manager
Fort Worth Central Office
1501 Hemphill, Room A
Fort Worth, TX 76104
817-332-3533 answered 24/7
817-420-3866 cellphone