6:00 pm Graves Street Graves Street Group 1275 N Main St #103 Mansfield Open, Speaker
6:00 pm Legacy Westcreek shopping center next to Mi Charrito Ray Restaurant 5685 Westcreek Dr #309 Fort Worth District 64 Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Serenity Serenity Group 6101 Watauga Rd Watauga Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Simply AA Simply AA Group 3650 N O'Connor Rd Irving Open, Speaker
7:00 pm The Last House The Last House Group 525 N 9th St Midlothian Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Clear Cut Directions White’s Chapel Methodist Church 185 S White Chapel Blvd Southlake District 61 Open, Speaker
8:00 pm Arlington Meeting Arlington Group 1226 S Bowen Rd Arlington District 61 Open, Speaker, Step Meeting
8:00 pm Southwest Group Southwest Group 3145 Townsend Dr Fort Worth District 64 Open, Speaker
8:00 pm Glass House The Glass House 6713 Hemsell Pl Fort Worth District 64 Open, Speaker, Step Meeting